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Excerpt from a chapter that didn't make it into the book

The two Roman legionnaires, who stood guard at the camp’s Southern gate, were cut down by bowmen from a distance of 30 yards. Only a faint thud sounded when their dead bodies hit the wet Galilean soil.

100 Sicarii warriors pushed open the now unguarded gates and slid silently into the camp. On cue, they all split into small squads, each to its assigned tent.

Judas the Galilean waited outside the Centurion’s tent. The two guards lay slain by his feet, their throats slit. The sign he waited for, came in the form of a sunray piercing the darkness. For him it was a sign from God. His men, looking like demons, and drenched in their enemies blood, came out of the tents with daggers and swords raised high in a sign of victory.


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