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Possible burial place for God's Treasure?

One of the locations thought to be where God's treasure was buried. But was it?

The castle's history goes back to Crusader times but the site was originally an agricultural farm owned by an aristocratic French family who bought the land in the 11th century. Although Montfort is French for "strong mountain", it wasn't used as a fortress until the beginning of the 13th century when it was sold to the German Teutonic Knights. They fled here from Acre because of bitter disputes with the Templars and Hospitaller Knights. After receiving financial help from the Pope, they fortified the buildings at Montfort. The struggle for power in the area between the Moslem Mamluks and the Christian Crusaders was still going on and in 1266 the Mamluks, led by Baibars, waged an unsuccessful attack on the fortress. After several battles, it was finally conquered in 1271 and the Teutonic Knights were forced to return to Akko (Acre).


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