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Prof. Young finds refuge among the Howeitat Bedouin tribesin Southern Jordan.

The Howeitat are unusual in claiming descent from a single ancestor, an Egyptian named Huwayt. However, their presence in the area may date from the 18th century, when tribes of the northern Arabian desert were being pushed northwards by expansion of the Wahhabite-associated bedouin of central Arabia; by the late 18th century the Howeitat were already laying claim to areas around Aqaba and northwards, they also laid claim to land in Egypt. They developed into a partly settled tribe, combining farming in the fertile areas of Jabal Shara with pastoralism, but early in the 20th century were rendered more or less nomadic by the activities of two rival shaikhs, Abtan ibn Jazi and Auda abu Tayi, who concentrated on raiding, collection of tribute and camel-herding.(from Wikipedia)

Photo taken by D.H. lawrence a.k.a Lawrence of Arabia.


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