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Unit 101 - IDF's first special forces unit.

Elazar Ben Yair, the contemporary antagonist, is described as an ex-unit 101. His nemesis, and later, his target is Ariel Sharon. When the unit was established, August 1953, Ariel Sharon was its CO. Later, in 2005, he became the prime minister of Israel.

Leading the patrol In the photo, is one of Israel's most decorated soldiers , Meir Har Zion.

Unit 101 was an Israeli special operations unit founded and led by Ariel Sharon on orders from Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion in August 1953. It was created to retaliate against a spate of Palestinian violence against Israeli civilians. According to Sharon, Gurion told him that "the Palestinians must learn that they will pay a high price for Israeli lives". Its commander was major Sharon, his deputy in command was Shlomo Baum. Unit 101 established small unit maneuvers, activation and insertion tactics that are utilized even today. Beside Sayeret MATKAL, Unit 101 is considered to be the unit with the most influence on the Israeli infantry oriented units including both special and conventional units.(from


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