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God's Treasure, a myth? Finding the Breastplate of Judgement, proved its existence.

Prof. Robert Young searched for clues to God’s Treasure for most of his adult life, and never found any. He was about to give up on his obsessive search. Suddenly, following his first encounter with the Sicarii, he comes across a clue, The Hoshen Stones, or The Breastplate of Judgment.

The Breastplate of Judgement:

The instructions for the breastplate of the High Priest were given to Moses the brother of Aaron and Aaron was the first high Priest to use it. Although many believe it was just a fancy piece of jewelry that adorned the Priests clothing or Ephod (uniform) it was so much more than that. As God ordered it to be made, when it was worn by the High Priest he would use it to talk directly with God. It was a divine vehicle to get in touch with God. When a plug is connected to a wall socket one can get power, when the breastplate was worn by the High Priest he was plugged into Heaven and received divine guidance from God. The Breastplate was extremely important because it was by means of it that God revealed to the High Priest his Divine will. It was also known as The Breastplate of Judgment and was made like a pouch to be worn over the High Priests clothing, The Ephod. Inside the pouch was placed two other stones called Urim and Thummin. When translated these stones mean Lights and Innocent, Doctrine and Truth, Oracle and Command or Innocent and Guilty. The Breastplate was similar to a phone, when the Priest needed to contact God he wore the breastplate and began his divination in order to establish God’s wishes for mankind.


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