« Non Nobis , Domine , Non Nobis , Sed Nomine Tuo Da Gloriam »

« Not to us, O Lord, not to us, But to your Name give glory. »

The Knights Templar vowed poverty, yet they were the richest military order to have ever existed.

Established in 1118 by nine French knights:

Hugues de Payens First Garnd Master

Geoffrey de St. Omer,



Geoffrey Bisol,

Payen de Montdidier,

Archambaud de St. Agnat,

Andre de Montbard,

Hugh Conte de Champagne.

How does one reconcile the motto of poverty with riches beyond belief?

What did the Knights Templar find on Temple Mount in Jerusalem?

Here are some guesses:

1. John the Baptist’s severed head.

2. Documents proving Jesus’ relations with Mary Magdalene.

3. The Holy Grail

4. Arc of the Covenant

On the other hand, one could assume, they were a bunch of very smart operators, who saw the value of offering protection to the pilgrims making their way from Europe to Jerusalem. They needed a cover story, so they came up with this motto, and which they sold to the Pope Clemens the II.


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