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The Jewish Zealots vs. The Sicarii

The Zealots were formed by Judas the Galilean on, or around 6AD, as a result of heavy taxation imposed by the Roman procurators. The Sicarii appeared during the procuratorship of Antonius Felix between 52-60AD, as a group who opposed the religious philosophies of the time, and believing that only the one true God has the right to rule over the Jewish people. To achieve their goals, they employed intimidation and assassinations. One of their most heinous crimes was the attack on the village of Ein Gedi, by the Dead Sea, slaughtering, 700 men, women and children, for refusing them food. Their mass suicide, was orchestrated by their last leader Elazar Ben yair, considered a descendant of Judas the Galilean. This story of choosing death over slavery happened in 73AD and has become part of the Israeli mythology, giving birth to the phrase, “Never Again.” It is also true that there is no absolute proof to any of the above assertions. The information comes from Josephus Flavious , a Jewish historian who lived around that time. However, as his own actions as a Jewish general who chose surrender to the Romans rather than die fighting them, his accounts are taken as an attempt to explain his own actions. What is most unfortunate though is the fact that political forces in Israel, from the left and right, are doing their best to rewrite history to fit their own narrative.


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