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     I had an interesting and exciting life. I served five years in the army and then fourteen years in the army reserve. I began service as an avionics engineer in the Air Force, and then I got bored, so I asked for a transfer to a combat unit.

     My wish was granted and I ended up as a scout in the armored corp. The move made life much more exciting, albeit much scarier. My oddest job was as an airline rep in the midst of a war zone--Lebanon. Well, at least I helped many refugees escape to safer places.

     My job took me to Nigeria in West Africa. I promoted the Holy Land, sending many Christian pilgrims to visit Israel. I am married. My two sons both practice law, and I have two gorgeous little granddaughters whom I visit as frequently as possible.


MY CO WRITER - Einat Tubi is an aspiring actress and writer living in Los Angeles. This is her first endeavor into writing a novel.


And here is the link to the blog, where you can find interesting bits about the real life locations the story takes you through


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