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Book cover depicting an image of a Sicarii

The Curse of God's Treasure



Early 2005: a chance meeting with the director of the Art and Natural History museum in San Diego, whose dream it was to bring the Copper Scrolls for display in San Diego, planted the idea.

     I knew much about the Dead Sea Scrolls, which were found in the same Qumran caves, but I have never heard about the Copper Scrolls, and then he told  me a fascinating story.

     Consequently, I began to research and found a book written by Oxford professor John Marco Alegro.

     It was a "eureka" moment. Events unfolded in the Middle East that brought about the return of the Gaza strip to the Palestinians. There were rumors that Judea and Samaria, present day West Bank, Israel, will follow. Hints at possible violent actions by the extremist Jewish settlers persisted. 

     I have never written a book, English is not my mother tongue, so I sought help any way and any where I could. Luckily I met lovely Einat.

A smart and  beautiful lady, with a sharp mind and a wealth of knowledge. First came the story, and then the book was born.


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